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The aim of the center

The aim of the center is to; conduct national and foreign scientific researches and applications regarding disabled people in cooperation with the relevant departments and sivisions of the university, and arrange educational activities.

Areas of activity

The center conducts the following activities in order to fullfil the aim stated in Article 5 of the directorate hereby:

a) Enabling participation of the relevant academic units of Hacettepe University in the education and training, and research and development activities regarding “disability”, an inter-disciplinary research and application field,

b) Conducting researches and applications towards the disabled people within the society, especially the ones studying and working at the Hacettepe University, establishing a scientific data base regarding the issue, and offering consultation services on the basis of scientific cooperation with the relevant public institutions and non-governmental organizations,

c) Meeting scientists and specialists from different disciplines who conduct researches regarding disability, and preparing and conducting national and/or international research/development projects,

ç) Arranging national and international scientific activities such as congresses, panels, symposiums and conferences regarding disability,

d) Disseminating written and oral informative and scientific information regarding disabled people,

e) Offering education services to disabled and non-disabled people in order to raise awaireness in this regard on the basis of inter-disciplinary cooperation,

f) Conducting studies towards preventing disability and minimizing the problems in this regard, enabling disabled people to benefit from efficient and quality rehabilitation services, and conducting studies in order to increase the life quality of disabled people their environment.